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Booking Overview

Since its founding in 1981, River City Brass has gained admiration from audiences at home and on the road, leading the group to become the most active full-time professional band in America. Each year, tens of thousands of people enjoy the music of River City Brass. With a unique repertoire, virtuosic musicians, and accessible performances, the band is an ideal choice for your next event!

Full Band outside holding instruments

2024-2025 Tour Packages
Available Now!

Ensemble Options

  • Full Band (28 Musicians + Conductor)
  • 19 Musicians + Conductor
  • 12 Musicians + Conductor
  • Octet
  • Quintet
  • Tuba/Euphonium Quartet
  • Trio

Repertoire Options

  • Broadway
  • Hollywood
  • Americana
  • Christmas Brasstacular
  • Celtic Connections
  • Big Band
  • Or create your own with River City Brasstacular!


Masterclasses & Educational Sessions (Available for students in elementary, middle, high school, and college.)

28 Musicians and Conductor in grand hall holding instruments

River City Brass Band

28 Musicians & Conductor

12 musicians and conductor in grant hall holding instruments

River City Brass Ensamble

12 Musicians & Conductor

8 musicians in grand hall holding instruments

River City Brass Octet

7 Musicians & Conductor (Tuba)

5 musicians in grand hall holding instruments

River City Brass Quintet

4 musicians in grand hall holding tubas and euphoniums

River City Brass Tuba/Euphonium Quartet

“The nicest thing about River City Brass…is that the group puts the fun back into music. There’s no snobbishness in musicians or audience, no learned program notes, no extended ceremonial bows and credits. Just some good music that is sometimes nostalgic, sometimes quietly moving, and often rousing. It’s what this brass band is all about. The programs are entertaining, and the level of musicianship is superb.”